The Run (Esbon District)

The Run is a stretch of Esbon running from the Ice Gate to the Chairam River and nestled between the Dragon’s Tooth peak and Mount Tavish. It has a long history as the worst part of the city, preventing it from being used even as a thoroughfare. All of this changed 17 years ago when a Lundi raid triggered rockslides from Mount Tavish, destroying most of the district (see the Battle of Seven Days for more).

The rebuild was executed with moving goods from the Chatswick, Uptown, and the Ice Gate down to the Chairam River as directly as possible being the only care. While this has brought some needed money to area, the Starlight Companions have tenatiously held onto their control of the shanty and cliff dwellings that comprise this district.


Most residents in the Run are engaged in personal industry – running small businesses, serving in households in other districts, engaging in day labor – and the moving of goods across the Chairam to River Bottom or even east to the Empire. Traditionally the Brotherhood of Fellows, a community organization of the wage workers in The Run, has asserted considerable sway in the local affairs. Over the fifteen years, however, an increasing number of residents working in the Dragon’s Tooth mines, and the Miner’s Guild is increasing its influence.

Recent Events

  • Over the last several months, a new race has appeared and is being bought and used as labor. These Muls are man sized, thin, grey skinned humanoids.

Locations of Interest

The Run (Esbon District)

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