In the beginning, there was Penmedui, and all existed without end or limit. Then the Penmedui became Turamedui, and all came together all one. Then, the Turamedui became Anw and Inu, the Sun and the Moon, and from them were born all things.

Amongst these were Menel and Etendya, the heaven and earth. They had many children, all that lives and dies. But first amongst these were the Gwaith.


Days of Falling Thrushes
Timeline: -26500 NL to -12500 NL
Age of Two Trees
Timeline: -12500 NL to -2500 NL
Battles of Brotherhood
Timeline: -2500 NL to 0 NG
Spring of Godor
Timeline: 0 NG to 94 NG
Age of Naira
Timeline: 94 NG to 1790 NG
The Six Kingdoms
Timeline: 1790 NG to 2716 NG
Age of Golden Light
Timeline: 2716 NG to 3049 NG
Current Era
Timeline: 3049 NG to 3067 NG


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