Esbon is built where the Fallsblight River descends over the Yellow Cliffs to join the Chiram River in its journey east. Originally a fort on an island above the cliffs, a city grew around it. Later, this became the center of the Gwaith Protectorate in Annuith, with the Imperials building a city below and across the river. The city functions in three parts: the the old city above, and the imperial city below, and the western hills.

These days the city serves as the primary imperial trade route connecting to the rich exotic goods of the Aniskor Empire. These goods are brought down to the Chiram river, where they join the flow of agricultural goods from further west to travel off east towards the Imperial seat.


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The history of Esbon goes back to the founding of Gwaith Mission of Simurgh in 1529NG. Soon after the human port towns Chatswick and River Bottom formed. In 2045, Alfric the Great was born in Chatswick. Though his Kingdom was ruled from the coastal city of Noonsport, Alfric body was interred on Monument Island after his death. By 2300, Esbon had been founded and included all of the districts on the northeastern section of the confluence. 2592, the Western Protectorate of Annuith was established in Esbon with the building of the Anyendi Castle in what is now the Castlegate district. The Elven forces have maintained peace throughout Annuith even through the current troubled times.


Human (27,306); Gwaith (8,532); Aniskor (2,986); Lundi (2,133); Zalud (1,279); Other (426)


Esbon experiences summers which are typically cool, humid and quite short, while winters are long and cold but with frequent warm spells. Solid frozen ground is a normal part of winter there. The rivers within the city limits usually freeze in the months of Rhiw or Loss, while break-up occurs in Norui. On average there are 123 days with snow cover (stable from Loss to Cuivea), which reaches the average of 9 1/2 inches by Ethuil. The frost-free period in the city lasts on average for about 135 days. Weather conditions are, however, quite variable all over the year.

Rainfall averages about 27 inches per year and reaches its maximum in late summer. Though this number is not high by itself, soil moisture is almost always excessive. The air is also rather humid, and overcast is common throughout the year (165 days a year on average).


1 Old Chatswick
2 Uptown
3 The Run
4 Dragon’s Tooth
5 Mission District
6 The West Hills
7 Bridgeton
8 Castlegate
9 Southgate
10 River Bottom
11 Monument Island


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