GM RECAP: LotSM - Session 1
How to Disappear

Earday, 5th of Niquis, 3067NG

Scene: Mugged!

Setting: Debris strewn alleyway across from the Inn of Fourteen Virtues

Content Not Found: selmae got jumped by three thugs and cornered in the alley. After being beat up a little, she is rescued by Abenthy and Latch. After the beating is done, Corporal Blackguard shows up to take statements as Latch slips off into the night.

Details: Starlight Companions badges, list of targets, runaway fop

Scene: Your mission, should you choose to accept it..

Setting: Captain’s desk at Tyrion’s Tower

Captain Norre tasks Stile with tracking down what is going on with a string of disappearances. Stile is reminded not to make any waves with the powers that be. Stile proceeds to deputize Selmae and Abenthy to help

Details: List of victims

Scene: When the invisible disappear

Setting: Babbit House, home for wayward souls

Having reunited with Latch along the way, Stile, Selmae, and Abenthy investigate the Babbit House – scene to three disappearances – for clues. The find some evidence in the items left behind after the disappearances, as well as learn some clues from the other residents.

Details: Fibers of a silver braided cord (Selmae assures you its used in underground human sacrifice), duck grease on a blanket, signs of a struggle. Victims apparently disappeared from locked rooms, and all the witnesses were apparently drugged.

Holtday, 6th of Niquis, 3067NG

Scene: You don’t have to go home but you can’t stay here

Setting: The Winged Victory Inn’s public house

The trail lead the group to the Winged Victory’s public house, site of another one of the disappearances. The night was late, and they weren’t able to examine the room. However, they did discover there were guards on duty that night, and the victim again disappeared behind a locked door.

Later, while the rest of the group rested, Abenthy set watch over the public house where he saw the fop enter, and noted the room he went to. Selmae did a little night sneaking, and discovered that duck was served on the night of one of the Babbit House disappearances.

Scene: Breakfast of Champions

Setting: Back at the Winged Victory Inn’s public house

While searching the room of the Winged Victory disappearance, they discovered the room next to the fop’s, and the walls quite thin. After raising quite a racket, the fop bolted out his window. He was captured, and letters were found in his room. The most notorious of which connected him with the Guild Master.

In interrogating him, the group confirmed the fop, one Geffry, took the victims and left them bound and unconcious at a Grendle’s Locksmithy. They also recovered a ring of keys from Geffry that he had apparently been using to get into locked rooms.


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